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Tile List

This is the complete list of tiles that we stock and have on-hand for immediate delivery (quantity dependent). We also have many discontinued or limited quantity lines in our showroom at or below wholesale prices that are not shown in this list.

Manufacturer/Series Type
AIT GTS Glass / Stone series Glass
Ameristone Tracks Porcelain
Anatolia Bengal Porcelain
Anatolia Bianco Venatino Marble
Anatolia Florence Ceramic
Anatolia Glass Stone Blends Glass
Anatolia Ivory Travertine Marble
Anatolia Ledger Stone Slate
Anatolia Palazzo Ceramic
Anatolia Picasso Marble
Anatolia Romance Ceramic
Anatolia Slate Slate
Anatolia Talesma Ceramic
Anatolia Travertine Marble
Astor Roma Imperiale Porcelain
Atlas Concorde Terra Ceramic
Atlas Tema Porcelain
Atlas Trust Porcelain
Campogalliano Dune Porcelain
Campogalliano Origini Porcelain
Casalgrande Architecture Porcelain
Casalgrande Metalwood Porcelain
Century Peninsula Porcelain
Daltile Porcelain
Dolce Vita Teakwood Porcelain
Edilcuoghi Bois Porcelain
Edilcuoghi Canyon Porcelain
Edilcuoghi River Porcelain
Edilcuoghi Rocks Porcelain
Edilgres Pietra Di Ashlar Porcelain
Edilgres Tibet Porcelain
Eliane Dune Ceramic
Eliane Luna Ceramic
Fiandre New Stone Porcelain
Florim (American Florim) Stonefire Porcelain
Florim (American Florim) Tibur Stone Porcelain
Florim (American Florim) Tundra Porcelain
Florim (American Florim) Woodlands Porcelain
Florim Afrika Porcelain
Florim Russet Peak Porcelain
Gazzini Space Porcelain
Grespania Florencia Ceramic
Horus Art Tiffany Ceramic
Imola I-Sassi Porcelain
Iris Brush Stroke Porcelain
Iris Metal Line Porcelain
La Faenza Pasha Porcelain
Lea Jerusalem Porcelain
Lea Rainforest Porcelain
Lea Technoquartz Porcelain
Manifattura Emiliana Marmoris Porcelain
Manifattura Emiliana Rte. 66 Porcelain
Marazzi Artic Bay Ceramic
Mediterranea Heart Pine Porcelain
Mediterranea Vatican Gallery Porcelain
Megacera Confections Glass
Megacera Ripple Glass
Megacera Weave Glass
Mirage Slate Porcelain
Monocibec Domus Aurea Porcelain
Northstar Ceramics Marble Marble
Pamesa Burma Porcelain
Pamesa Dante Porcelain
Pamesa Yale Porcelain
Pan Am Cristallo Bello Glass
Pan Am Cristallo Pietra Glass
Pan Am Naturale Marble
Panaria Kult Porcelain
Plaza Indian Slate Porcelain
Plaza Tuscany Porcelain
Plaza Quartz Slate Porcelain
Plaza Yoho Porcelain
Ragno Maple Ridge Porcelain
Ragno Riverstone Porcelain
Refin Artech Porcelain
Refin Avantgarde Porcelain
Refin Avantgarde BCCO Porcelain
ROCA Color Collection Ceramic
Rondine Dorada Porcelain
Rondine Urban Porcelain
Sadon Ecowood Porcelain
Supergres My Mood Porcelain
Tau Beires Porcelain
Tau Corten Porcelain
Tau Iron Porcelain
Tau Massa Porcelain
Tau Mythos Porcelain
TOEMI Island Rocks Pebble
Vallelunga Sophia Porcelain
Venus Cinque Terre Porcelain
Venus Origin Porcelain
Venus Spider Porcelain
Venus Walking in the Woods Porcelain

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