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Backsplash Gallery

Nothing completes a kitchen like a backsplash. The pictures you see below are a few examples of what can be accomplished when you combine our fine tile and your imagination. Popular layouts include diamond patterns with a border outlining a rectangle shaped design below the range/oven hood. You can use the same tile for the backsplash or countertop or use pieces of matching granite tile for accents in the backsplash wall. Many types of tile can be used for a backsplash; marble, granite, porcelain, metal and glass; low maintenence and high style can go together in amazing combinations. For other ideas on how to create a kitchen wall backsplash that fits your lifestyle and taste, visit our showroom.

These pictures are displayed so you can see what designs and patterns are possible, rather than as a showcase for any particular tile. Please keep in mind that not all of the tiles shown in these pictures are available, but we can closely match what is displayed here.

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  Turkish Marbe Noce-Marble Discount Noce   Lea Rainforest Sand With Earth diamond pattern backsplash kitchen backsplash with contrasting colors
  recessed stone backsplash   multicolored kitchen backsplash with diamond pattern wall backplash matches countertop tile
  multi-color glass kitchen backsplash picture   Alfa Nepal Kher with matching grout and mosaic border diamond or tiles on 45 with dark inserts kitchen backsplash
  kitchen backsplash with accents that match granite countertop   The bronze tiles featured in this image are created by Michael Dunn, of Enchanted Creek Studios Gazzini Space Gold with 1x12 border
  Marble Discount Honey Onyx with border and glass inserts   24 kitchen backsplash with glass accent borders and accent lighting

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